Compassionate Guide to Autism Parenting

Discover tools and practices to prevent overwhelm and burnout, and develop compassion for yourself on the autism parenting journey.

We are in for a ride.
When our child is diagnosed with autism, our world crumbles.

And we're hit with all kinds of emotions.

Grief, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness...the list goes on. 

After we picked ourselves up off the ground and dusted ourselves off, we put on a game face to find the help our child needs. 

Our child needs us so we put whatever jumbled up emotions we have aside and get to work. 

We find doctors and therapies and get as much information as we can. 

We are absolutely dedicated to helping our child and helping them thrive. 

We are more than willing to sacrifice our time and energy to help our child.
And in the process, we kind of forget ourselves...
I mean, because we need to, right?

Autism parenting IS demanding, and we have to suck it up and tough it out even when we are sleep-deprived, feeling frazzled, lost, and overwhelmed, right?

Well, I used to think so when I started out on my autism parenting journey.

In fact, I went on like that for many years after the diagnosis of my child Joseph. 

I put myself on the back burner. 

I didn't really see any other way than putting my son and everyone else first. 

But the TRUTH is this....
The BIGGEST mistake we can make on this journey is NOT taking care of ourselves.

And that goes for:

  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Emotionally
We can keep going for a while even though we are stressed and exhausted.

But eventually, the tank gets empty (mine did).

And here is what happens:

1. We end up missing out on actually ENJOYING parenting and being FULLY PRESENT with our child...because we are so freaking stressed and exhausted.

2. When we are running on low energy and in stress, our mind tends to focus on all the negative things we don't want. 

3. That means, more often than not, we are focusing on the worst-case scenarios and what's not going right in our life. 

What I listed above is what happened to me in my early years of autism parenting.

I don't want that to be you...because in that space, joy and peace get sucked out of our life. 
And that is NOT the optimal place to be parenting from. Our child does not get the best of us. 
You want to parent from joy and peace.
And that's hard if we are constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.
What if I told you that we can take care of our child AND take care of our mental, emotional, physical needs?

In fact, we must. 
If we want to prevent burnout (which is NOT going to be good for parenting) and be our very best self to our child, we have to put on our oxygen mask.
When we take care of ourself, that is when we can truly be present with our child, enjoy our daily moments with them, and help them thrive.
But how? We might ask.
"We are already overwhelmed with a million things to do. We can't possibly devise a plan for self-care."
This is why I wrote this book. 


Discover Tools and Practices to Prevent Overwhelm, burnout, and Develop Compassion on the Autism Parenting Journey.

A simple and practical guide that shows you how to prevent overwhelm, burnout, and develop compassion for yourself on the autism parenting journey

I wrote A Mother's Guide Through Autism as a simple but powerful guidebook for moms who are overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed in their hectic and stressful autism parenting life. 

This short, 12-chapter book will help moms work through painful emotions, gain practices to cope with daily challenges, create a mindset shift, and develop self-compassion on their autism parenting journey. 
Here's What You'll Find Inside 
A Mother's Guide Through Autism
  • A Personal Story of triumphs and lessons from an autism mom (30 plus years of experience)
  • Tools and Practices to prevent burnout and restore peace and happiness
  • How to enjoy our journey more, especially with our child
  • How to develop self-compassion when it feels like everyone is judging
  • Over 70 Exercises for reflection and mindset shift
  • Easy Read for busy moms at just 125 pages
  • Exclusive Bonus #1 - 5 Things I wish I knew Raising My Son with Autism
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 - Courageous Mom's Manifesto
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 - How to Cope with Daily Judgment Masterclass
Part 2 of the book is written by the author's son Joseph who's lived the life on the spectrum.
  • Perspective of an Adult Son living on the spectrum
  • ​Insight into "Growing Up with Autism" from his own written words
  • Downsides and Upsides of being on the spectrum
  • Lessons He Learned on his journey
...and so much more!
"One thing that stood out that I haven’t thought about is the grief that the parents go through after receiving this diagnosis or any learning disability."
"A must read if you're autistic and/or the parent of an autistic child. On my second read already. This one is a keeper!!"
"This book will truly lift your spirit and by far encourage you to move forward with no regrets."

Discover How to Prevent Overwhelm, Burnout, and Find peace & joy in autism parenting

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Bonus #1

5 Things I Wish I Knew Raising My Son with Autism

This beautifully designed 8-page PDF will provide you with short nuggets of wisdom to make the autism parenting journey a little lighter.

Bonus #2

Courageous Mom's Manifesto

This inpiring 10-page manifesto will strengthen your heart when you feel weak and remind you to give yourself grace and self-compassion. You can keep it at your bedside and read it daily for calm, courage, and peace.

Bonus #3

How to Cope with Daily Judgment

From stares at the supermarket to comments from your relatives to your own internal voice, dealing with judgment on the autism parenting journey can be very stressful for your heart and soul.

Watch this Masterclass and learn effective ways to cope with daily judgment. 
Meet the Author
Brigitte Shipman
Autism Parenting Coach
Brigitte Shipman is a mom, author, speaker, and autism parenting coach. She helps moms raising children with autism overcome their emotional pain and prevent burnout so that they can live with more peace and joy. 

Brigitte shares her 30 plus years of experience of being an autism parent in A Mother's Guide Through Autism so other moms can gain insight, develop compassion for themselves, and create a mindset shift to enjoy their life and their children more. 

Brigitte is passionate about spreading knowledge, hope, and inspiration and helping other moms thrive and live with more joy. 

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  • A Digital Copy of A Mother's Guide Through Autism
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Raising My Son with Autism
  • Courageous Mom's Manifesto
  • How to Cope with Daily Judgment Masterclass
"A Mother's Guide through Autism will be a wealth of information for parents going through the emotional journey of autism."
"Her story is very helpful in explaining feelings that a mother of an Autistic child might experience."
"This was an excellent read from both a mother and son about their personal journey in the world of the gifted and autistic."

Discover How to Prevent Overwhelm, Burnout, and Develop Compassion for Yourself

Get the Book and Bonuses
for Just $3.99!